Nominated twice for Disney's Teacher of the year award.
Awarded 2 years.

Nominated for Reading Teacher of the Year.

(Thank you Slavey Family)



It is my pleasure to present you with the Heavenly Site Award! Not only is your website dedicated to your students and parents you are also reaching educators everywhere. Congratulations
Congratulations, you've won my award for an Outstanding Classroom Website! I love the resources you provide for not only your students and their parents, but also teachers!!! I have to say too, I LOVE your domain name, very creative! Keep up the excellent work, I'm sure your students feel so lucky to have you as a teacher!

Jennifer Gold

Dear Michelle,

I have enjoyed visiting your very interactive and informative website. Your students and parents are very lucky to have such a wonderful site to guide them through the school year. I am very proud to present you with my award, The Superb Site Award. Please link the award back to my website if possible.

Brandy Carter
2nd Grade
Lafayette, LA

Hi Mrs. Oakes,
Congratulations on receiving my ROARING Good website award. You are truly dedicated to your students and parents. Keep up the great work!

Dianne Mohler, RI

Teacher Salary Info

Dear Mrs. Oakes,

A wonderful morning to you! Kathy here, and your teaching blog, Mrs. Oakes'
Fantastic First Grade, was determined to be one of the best 1st grade blogs
in your region!

Teachers have the most underappreciated job facilitating learning for our
children. So we wanted to recognize your contributions!

As a winner, we honor you by presenting you with an awards badge.


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